FREE standard shipping with purchase of $75 *US only


How do I know my nail sizes?

We offer free sizing kits with a purchase to our US customers. Simply DM us on Instagram with your order number. Please make sure to select the shape and length you would want your set in and write “sizes to be provided” in the custom sizes box. If you do not have an Instagram, you can email us via the "Contact Us" tab. Otherwise, we do sell sizing kits for $1 plus shipping for our international customers.

How long is the processing time?

Currently, all orders take approximately  7 business days. Please keep in mind that if you order more than one set at a time there may be a delay in processing time. Bigger orders take longer to complete which in turn causes some delays.  All sets are made to order and worked on, in the order they were received UNLESS they are ready to ship sets. All ready to ship sets are processed  in 3 business days after ordering  ( this time frame is given because we do not go to the post office on a daily basis)

Please note, THESE TIME FRAMES ARE JUST AN ESTIMATE. We do not guarantee that your order will be shipped within this time frame. They may be shipped sooner but can certainly take longer. 

What nail glue do you recommend?

We recommend IBD 5 second brush on glue or Bondini. We sell glue under "Extras" in our home page.

Can I cancel my order? 

Cancelations are only allowed within the first 24 hrs after purchase. We do not accept exchanges or returns because of the handmade nature of the product. 

How long do the nails last?

Wear will be dependent on the care and how rough you are with your hands.We recommend you prep your nails prior to application for a longer wear. A tutorial on how to prep your nails is on our Instagram page under the highlight section labeled "Nail Prep". Glue tabs are recommended for a few hours for a special occasion and up to a few days if a dab of glue is applied at the center of the nail for a better hold. For a tutorial/explanation of this recommendation, please visit our Instagram page under the highlight section labeled "Glue Tabs". Glue last 1-3 weeks. 

Are press ons reusable?

They are. If you use glue we recommend you purchase a pumice pen to file away the excess glue that builds up on the back of the nail. A tutorial is on our Instagram page under the highlight labeled "How to Reuse" .

What if I ordered the wrong nail sizes?

All orders are handmade therefore we do not accept returns and can not be held responsible for a customer ordering the wrong size. We offer free sizing kits to assist in the sizing process.

Do you offer custom designs?

Yes! If you have something in mind or would like us to recreate a design go ahead an select our "Contact Us " section and we will reach out to you. 

*We do not recreate press on nail designs from other sellers.